About White Pelican Guesthouse

Sun drenched jungles bearing fresh, ripe fruits nourish the hearts and artistry of life on Banderas Bay. Explore the day away walking cobblestone streets through Puerto Vallarta’s Romantica Zone, enjoy unique and thrilling tourist excursions, then travel by ocean taxi to southern fishing villages like Boca and Pizota where you step back to a time where tribal community thrives. Knowing the local insights is key to true adventure, friendly stays, mouthwatering fare, handcrafted art, and a sense of rejuvenation and wellbeing that stays with you months after you return home.

White Pelican Guesthouse is here to connect you to the best Puerto Vallarta and the Bay of Banderas have to offer.

The White Pelican herself is Annette Hayden. A Pacific native, Annette was born to two U.S. Navy sailors in Honolulu in 1961. Raised mostly in San Diego where she spent every free moment at the beach, Annette transplanted to Oregon at the age of 18 where her parents retired. A career in export law, and four children of her own left little time for travel until finally the day came that her life was hers to adventure as she pleased.

Pelicans resting at Playa De Los Muertos, a beach near Romantica in PVR

It was that first trip to Puerto Vallarta in 2017 that captured Annette’s heart and reignited her spirit. And as she watched spellbound, the American White Pelicans dancing in the blue skies then diving boldly into the ocean waves – the White Pelican Guesthouse was born.

I look forward to sharing stories about locals and recommending quality lodging, exciting excursions and delicious fare.  Feel free to contact me with ideas, questions, comments.  Thanks for being here!